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  • Broken Promises

    I've shopped with RC Willey for almost 30 years. My recent purchase, a sectional, has been a nightmare from the beginning. I have been given promise after promise that someone would return my call and give me assistance, with NO success. I called our sales person for three months, and never received a return call. I've been in to the University Mall location to raise a concern, and was given the run-around. I've been placed on hold to be told that a "supervisor" would call me back. I am still waiting. I've been in the design industry for many years and have... More...
  • Bad Customer Service and Quality

    I've shopped with RC Willey for almost 30 years. My recent purchase, a sectional, has been a nightmare from the beginning. I have been given promise after promise that someone would return my call and give me assistance, with NO success. I called our sales person for three months, and never received a return call. I've been in to the University Mall location to raise a concern, and was given the run-around. I've been placed on hold to be told that a "supervisor" would call me back. I am still waiting. I've been in the design industry for many years and have... More...
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  • No Warranty on new couches? WOW

    1.0 star rating 6/5/2017 Copy of written complaint filed with RC Willey Corp on line complaint dept. Notice of complaint also faxed to the Rocklin (Sacramento Ca) Store. Date: 6-2-2017 9:07pm "Complaint. Warranty not being reasonably addressed. Consumer complained about rough mechanical opening of recliner. First visit out, the questionable employee in a t shirt and dirty jeans came out and stated the frame was bent during shipping and had to order a new base frame, three weeks. Few months later we called RC and had clarified contact number and set date for repair. Second... More...
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  • Price Match Issue

    Last weekend my wife and I went to our local (Rocklin, CA) RC Willey to pick up a box spring and just look around. We happened to see a very nice dining set (5 pcs for $900) that we really didn't need, but like enough to purchase anyways (wee added to chairs as well) in total the cost came to just over $1000 with tax. One thing to note - we ended up buying the table from their clearance section at a reduced price as it was missing a small glass shelf below the main table top. I normally will do some looking around to make sure I am getting the best price but since this was RC Willey... More...
  • Unusable warranty

    I purchased a 65 inch Curve tv not ever 90 days ago. I lend on it and damaged it somewhat. But I wasn't worried because I paid $299 for a warranty or Service contract. When I called to see if I could get it fixed or replaced I was told that the warranty doesn't cover the damage. I was pissed. I now have a beautiful tv I cannot watch but youre going to require me to pay for it. I think not. I want it fixed or replaced. More...
    (Repair Services)
  • horrible customer service

    We bought a very nice fridge this fall. First the promised delivery day came and no phone call, or fridge. I called salesman and he had forgotten to put the delivery date in the computer. he scheduled a new date and promised to make it up to me with a gift certificate, that never came. The fridge finally came and was scratched in several places. I called and sent in photos and was promised another gift certificate and a new door. They always say they would get back with me....never has happened. I call every month, once a month asking when my new door is coming, and they will get back... More...
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  • RC Willey replacing old recliners also bought from RC Willey

    West Valley, UT 84128 Within five miles of the warehouse. Today we had two recliners delivered. I was given the impression from our sales person that because we are seniors in our 70's that the guys delivering would not mind helping us get our old recliners out of the house. I ask that one be placed in a utility trailer to haul away parked outside in our driveway. These two healthy looking young men carried it to within 3 feet of the trailer and sit it down, leaving it for me to get up into the trailer. We have more furniture to purchase for the upper floor of our home, but it will not... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Poor quality patio furniture.

    I bought a couple of chaise patio chairs. After 8 months both developed rips in the material. The company sent out a rep to review the situation. He agreed they needed to be replaced and offered to take care of it. Two months later no replacement cushions. Called last week and they said it could take up to 8 months. Until they had a full container to ship from CHINA. I guess you get what you pay for. More...
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  • RC Willey's sells cheap inferior products.

    I use to luv RC WILLEYS but after buying an sectional sofa (lounger didn't have enough support and broke), Amana Washer and Dryer (inside drumb rusted, they replaced cost more to me and heavy-duty cycle eats up the close), finally I've 2 Queen size pillowtop matresses at over $900.00 a piece and my set after 2 years is all broken down. I couldn't flip the one-sided pillow top mattress so best I could do was turn it from end to end, I am disgusted, I read the warranty and dont think they replace it so I'm not shipping the mattress back for the to refuse to fix it. More...
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  • Horrible carpet

    I had my entire house re done with new floors by the Boise, ID. store. The hard floors seem to be doing ok even though I have had problems with the grout breaking up between some of the floor tiles. Now my carpet is another story. I had the top of the line carpet put in my house in 6 rooms and stairs. I was given a worthless warranty that said it was covered from crushing mating etc. I have been having runs in my carpet in all rooms and have had these people out to fix the carpet many many times. I paid over 35 dollars a yard for this junk. This was supposed to be their top of the line... More...
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  • RC Willey Not Honoring Leather Warranty

    We bought a sofa, loveseat,from RC Willey on 12/12/2013. We also purchased the 3 year Leather Warranty. The Sofa leather has some damage. We are not sure of what the damage was. RC Willey has sent a repairman and determined that it could not be fixed (And mentioned that its because of some liquid). If it was because of the some liquid then the damage should not have any pattern. But the sofa has the same straight line pattern which is quite obvious that its because of something else and not because of any liquid. But still RC Willey was not accepting it even with the clear pictures in... More...
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  • Fraud

    just ordered $15,000.00 worth of furniture received items and upon inspection noticed that the entertainment center was damaged, it was very clear that this was previous damage and RC Willey tried to cover it up and ship it as new even though it was damaged.They are now saying it will be two Months to replace the damaged piece yet I can go online and get one shipped in 5 days? More...
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  • Broken power recliner sofa

    We bought a power-recliner-sofa at R.C. Willey as an early Christmas gift to ourselves. Well, it completely STOPPED WORKING only 3 WEEKS after delivery. When we called to get it fixed, we were told it be at least a week before anyone could come out to fix it. This was our first time ever shopping at R.C. Willey, and will probably be our last. We are very unhappy. More...
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  • Horrendous customer service in Financial Services

    I am in complete disbelief with RC Willeys representatives in Financial Services. I spoke with Doris and I am completely shocked & offended by the way I was treated. I had called and spoke with her last month to make a payment and make changes to our account. She have me her name and direct line. My husband and I recently reviewed our account only to find that none of the changes had been saved to our account. I called & was cold transferred to her, where I had to leave a voicemail. She called me back today and said she didn't remember talking to me! She was so defensive &... More...
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  • RC Willey - Credit Department invasion of privacy

    I was in utter shock yesterday (12/16/14) when I applied for credit at RC Willey and was required to be fingerprinted! More than ample ID and a good credit rating wasn't enough for them. In today's world, with hackers managing to break into retailers' databases, this was "information" I was not willing to provide. Furthermore, I consider it to be a highly objectionable invasion of my privacy. I informed the credit manager that unless this requirement was waived, I'd cancel the sale. He recited some baloney about identity theft and refused to budge. I... More...
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  • RC Willey - Summerlin

    Never ever purchase any kind of flooring products from RC Willey. I decided to use their flooring department to tile my living area and install hardwood in a small section of the family room. It's a decision I wish I had never made. The quality of the products were deplorable and the installation was even worse! However, I would never have imagined that the customer service and the store management support and response to the situation would be far, far worse than the materials and the installation. I have been a customer of RC Willey for many years and have spent thousands and... More...
    (Home Improvement)
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  • RC Willey Extended Warranty Complaint

    We purchased a washer and dryer from RC Willey in January, 2008. At that time the salesperson highly recommended a RC Willey extended warranty for both the washer and dryer at the sum of $210.00. We were told by the salesperson that if we did not have any services calls during the 5 year extended warranty period we would be refunded 1/2 the price of the warranties. That was the perk he used to get us to purchase the extended warranty, which we did. We have not had any service calls and I just noticed it was past time to request the refund. Today I called (granted almost 2 years past... More...
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  • bad carpet

    We purchased carpet along with laminate flooring for our entire newly purchased house from r.c. Willey. Before we moved in there were spots on the carpet where my husband walked on the floor one day after installation. Stains did not go away & I called r.c Willey rocklin store & spoke to the sales person who sold us the carpet. She had all sorts of reasons why it would be our fault. I told her my husband walked on a bathroom floor that I wiped down with water nothing else. She advised we had to have carpets steam cleaned before we could make a claim. Now after paying for the carpet... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
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  • Murray Store - WORST Customer Service

    Went to pick up mattress set from Murray store. For some reason they only had the mattress, box spring was still in CA. Pickup office offered to find a similar box spring in the store to take home that day. We went inside to talk to a sales person about getting another box spring and the male sales person in the mattress department was a complete jerk. He told us we had bought a cheap mattress and he would have to look around for a cheaper model in the store to find a box spring similar to the one we purchased. I asked if their was a difference in box springs and a female sales person who... More...
  • RC Willey Not Honoring Leather Warrenty

    We bought a sofa, loveseat, ottoman, and chair from RC Willey. We also purchased the Leather Warranty. The Chair leather ripped and after sending out a repairman, determined that it could not be fixed. The chair is no longer available so RC Willey is offering a 50% store credit if we keep the chair or 100% store credit if we return the chair. We do not want to return the chair because it matches the rest of the set and we cannot get a replacement. We do not want store credit because we do not need any furniture for our home. If they cannot repair or replace the chair then they should... More...
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  • Terrible and shady salesman.

    We bought a very expensive sectional based on information that the salesman, Bradley, told us. IT WAS COMPLETELY FALSE! The couch is not falling apart, we have only had it for four months. The salesman would NOT return my calls. He would only bother getting back to me after customer service called him and told him to do so, multiple times! It has now been a month of trying to work with these guys and the manager, Kyle, is just as bad. They lied to us and will now only take the couch back if they keep 25% of the cost of our couch which is roughly $700. I cannot believe the lack of respect... More...
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  • RC Willey shame on you!

    Town center rc willey you and your coporate practices are criminal. You sold me a 3 year EXTENDED warranty which your sales associate Jonathan Sutherland told me started at the end of maufactures 1 year warranty. Now 3 years and 8 months later you refuse to honor. After several calls and complaints from myself, friends and family your offer is for $200 off a new tv which you send out in the mail once every 6 months anyways. I can't believe I have spent over $3000 in the last couple years and my mother more then that at your store and this is how you treat out family. Your deceptive... More...
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  • RC Willey Missing Parts

    Purchased gas range on discount from the Taylorsville store before it closed. Range is missing the regulator. Went to go get one and they said it will take 2 weeks to come in. Sales associate advised us it had all the parts. So for his mistake, we get to wait 2 weeks for a part to come in that should have already been included. Manager advised she couldn't take a regulator from another one at the warehouse. I asked if we could take one from warehouse and then replace it with my order and she said they couldn't do that. So, for an associate's mistake, we get to suffer.... More...
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  • RC WILLEY Do not buy from here!

    I bought a 7 peace bed set witch broke and they never came to fix and a recliner and a fire place from rc willy. And one month they called and said I missed a payment. Well for 3 months I had to go prove to them I paid them. Then after them saying they'd fix it they never did! Now everyday I get phone calls saying if I don't call them ASAP there going to turn me in for theft? And I answered my phone one day and the girl said if I turned in my bed and chair there'd leave me alone.. So I did because I can't afford to go down there every day and prove I maid payments and... More...
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  • Delivery!!!!

    I bought a mattress and paid for delivery. At the time I purchased the mattress, I asked whether RC Willey would haul off old mattress and was told they would. I also told them that I would take the delivery day off of work, but that they really needed to deliver between the 11-2 window we agreed upon. I was assured that they would. On the day of delivery, after 2:00 and no phone call and no delivery, I call customer service. The woman in customer service told me that I was "last on the schedule" and they'd get there when they get there. I told her I had to leave at 2... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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    Bought a Couch and Loveseat, that was back ordered. Was told the latest it would be in was October 4th, 2013. It didn't come in that day and now a week later they are totally ignoring me. It now has been over a month that they've had my down payment. They won't call me back and every time I call them they promise they will call me right back and don't. They even sent a card a few weeks ago congratulating me on my purchase that stated "hope you are enjoying your new sofa." Wish I was. Too bad they aren't as proficient in customer service as they are in... More...
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  • sneaky sales practices

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. My husband and I recently made a large purchase including a couch, mattress, and TV. The couch I liked had a couple accent pillows I had inquired previously from the salesmen if these could be thrown in with such a substantial order. The salesperson replied "no problem!" . When we made our final decision, he replied he would have to ask his boss about the pillows. He then came back saying only one pillow could be included. Then upon going through the itemized list of purchases it appeared we were being charged for two of those pillows. The salesperson explained that they were... More...
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  • RC Willey Quality?

    A little over a year ago, I purchased a bed from the RC Willey in West Valley City, Utah. Now this bed had a few problems. The side rails kept breaking. RC Willey sent out a repair team several times to fix the bed. About 11 months into owning the bed, it broke beyond repair. Since the bed was no longer made, RC Willey offered an in-store credit to purchase a new bed. I selected a new model - at greater expense - and had it delivered. Well, this bed has since broken three times. After the second repair, I decided to address the problem myself. It had collapsed in the center due to improper... More...
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  • Misappropriation of personal funds

    November 2012 I bought a Kitchen Range on 12 month NI account. In January 2013 I bought a Table and Chair Set on 6 month NI account. In April 2013 I purchased a Dishwasher for $777.20 on my ATM/Credit card. The complaints for the Kitchen Range are that I had to pay extra for Delivery/Install/Bracing Parts. The Range was delivered and installed. The brace which I had to pay extra for was not installed and the range was not installed correctly. The night of the install I had to call in my gas company because of a gas leak and evacuate my home. The leak was caused by a poorly attached... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
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  • RC Willey Peeling leather sofa

    I purchased a leather sofa chair and ottoman from RC Willey and within a month of the warranty expiring my couch started to peel. I contacted RC Willey then and was told there is nothing we can do your warranty expired. I said yes about 28 days ago so you are not going to stand behind your products and the rep said no. It is so ugly and embarrassing to have this couch in my home. My mother talks so bad about it when she comes to visit. She has called RC Willey herself to complain and ask that a manager call me. The manager called me from the Rocklin CA store and I returned her call in less... More...
  • RC Willey worst customer service

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I bought a coffee table from this store in the show room in henderson, NV . The salesperson told me it was in stock just to get the sale. I then paid and when I was suppose to get the delivery they told me it was on back order for a few more weeks. I then called and the sales guy said he would take the order from another customer (terrible customer service) so I could get my table. A few weeks later then delivered a broken used coffee table that the delivery guy didnt even want to deliver. I called to find out what the issue was and all they could do was tell me they would deliver a... More...
    customer1988's Picture   customer1988    2 Comments   Comments
  • RC Willey Poor Service

    We bought a fridge at RC Willey - delivered damaged, had to miss two days of work for delivery & 2nd delivery. Bought 2 mattress sets & a bedset. Headboard was damaged - missed 2 days of work again for 1st & 2nd delivery. Plus the footboard was loose. When good headboard was delivered, the delivery person said the footboard must be damaged inside. So there comes another day of missed work. Sales person doesn't return calls, they nickel & dime you to death - spent over $5,000 in the store over the past month & the manager is worrying about a $60 delivery fee?... More...
    PattyJennings's Picture   PattyJennings    3 Comments   Comments
  • RC Willey - refusal to honor warranty

    I purchased a twin sleeper sofa (product number 3236455) for $2,000.01. I paid an additional $49.99 for their 7 year fabric protection cover. Prior to purchasing the fabric protector the sales lady specifically assured my wife and I that all stains were covered. Within a month of purchase we spilt red wine on the couch. I followed the cleaning requirements and dabbed the stained areas. I phoned RC Willey and they sent their contract cleaners out. Unfortunately he was unable to remove the stain, he photographed the sofa and stated that he would send the photo to RC Willey who would replace... More...
    utes's Picture   utes    4 Comments   Comments
  • This Place Is A Joke!!!

    I seriously wish I would have seen some of these reviews before I spent almost $6000 at this joke of a place, I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE AGAIN!!! The delivery guy is a P..O..S who OOPS cut the water line to my new refrigerator, didn't clean up the water which we didn't see cause he said he got it all well he didn't so it caused my 3 day old floors to buckle under the refrigerator not to mention he put a gouge in the floor...the new dryer has no heat, the dishwasher isn't working properly so I'm gonna demand all this junk to be taken back since I have 14... More...
    Wink78's Picture   Wink78    1 Comments   Comments
  • BAD Cristmas to my child from RC Willey!

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. We got an electronic ride on car from from Syracuse store right before Christmas, planning to surprise out child in the morning. What a bad decision! The box is missing very important gear box, so we couldn't even put it together.... The store is closed for Holiday, so we just had to explain about " bad Santa's elfs"..... to our child. Never, ever again I will put mu trust in this store.... Always check and recheck their products!!! I am just so upset right now..... as well us my little boy... More...
    NaVo's Picture   NaVo    2 Comments   Comments
  • 5 year warranty

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. we purchased a leather couch and loveseat.we were told the 5 year warranty should be purchased and then everything would be covered if stained or torn.well I've called twice about coverage of the warranty and low and behold the stain can't be removed its not covered by the warranty.then the stuffing on the arm of the couch is pulling away,that's not covered either.So warning to all don't buy this crap furniture and don't ever buy the warranty,because its a big lie,they don't cover anything! Will never buy RC Wildly's crappy furniture again! More...
  • Ripped off!

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. They will rip you off if you're not careful. I purchased an expensive 4-seat theater couch from them. Within 18 mos it had leather that was peeling off and springs that were broken and mechanisms that wouldn't work to recline the chairs any longer. We used these about 1 day a week on average at most. RC Willey wouldn't honor any warrantee because the leather had expired and the mechanism would cost me $70 for service call. The guy comes and fixes the springs and mechanisms. Now they don't recline at all. I go to the store and complain. "too bad"... More...
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  • LG Washer Dryer

    I recieved an advertizment by email that showed a photo of the washer and dryer and obove it had two item free if i purchased more than $1499 or higher. however the summerlin store in Nevada would not honor this. I have spent almost $9000.00 this year at this store. Rex Pedersen 2336 Huntsville dr. Las Vegas, NV. 89134 rexluz@cox.net More...
  • Broken promises, failure to deliver on time

    On August 10 I ordered a bedroom set that included 8 pieces and paid on the spot more than $7100. As the sales clerk checked on availability, she pointed to the inventory screen and said they would be two items they'd have special order (headboard and media cabinet). She stated the other items were available but these two would not be in until the week of September 9th. Since I'd just paid for the delivery, I said I could wait until all the items were in stock and could be delivered at one time. Fast forward to the first week in September when the sales clerk called to say my... More...
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  • RC Willey Poor Product and Customer Service from Management

    I was a first time customer purchasing two sets of furniture totaling close to $1500. Both sets came with defects. The second delivery was to fix one of the sets. The third delivery brought another defective set. They did not honor the 14 days warranty by saying if there are any other damages, we won't take it back. One of the damage was due to their delivery guy wiping a stain and the paint came off. I hadn't wiped the furniture yet but said take it back...since I was concerned if I wiped, more paint would come off and I wouldn't be able to return. Management didn't... More...
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  • Furniture

    We purchased a bed from one of the showrooms. We waited almost 3 weeks for all the bed parts to be available for delivery. Later when the bed was delivered, it had only the head board and the foot rest. The sales representative was supposed to inform if the bed parts where not available by end of August, we he said he would. Now if we have to wait for the remaining parts, its going to be additional 3 more weeks which is again uncertain. Similar experience with coffee table, we liked a coffee table at the showroom which is not available in stock. The wait time for this product is a month.... More...
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  • Worse Service

    We purchased a bed from one of the showrooms. We waited for around 3 weeks for all the bed parts to be available. But when the bed was delivered, it was having only the head board and the foot rest. The sales representative was supposed to inform us if the bed parts would not be available by end of August, we he said he would. Now if we have to wait for the complete set, it would take additional 3 more weeks which we wouldn't want too and we cancelled the order. Same happened with the coffee table. The one which we liked at the showroom was not available and needed a month waiting... More...
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colby says: (4 years ago)
There laptops are garbage do not buy their computers I have a laptop and a TV from them and I still on the laptop and TV and the laptop is not working and they will not repair. Don't know what to do

utahrn says: (7 years ago)
We purchased a bed in 2006,my spouse is a paraplegic and has no sensation below her waist, the bed has had the waterproof cover on it at all times however there are sains from toddlers with leaky probs at night. we follow all the procedures and now they still say we will come to clean mattress rather than replace.Sometime at the end of 2011 a wire from the edge of the bed broke and is now covered with duct tape. Now the bed warrranty team comes out and says bed is stained even though we have had it cleaned twice in 2010 6 months apart stains never came out. So here we are bed with a broken edge should be under warranty, but stained and still should be warrantied since cleaning company can not get stains out. Nope R.C. WILEY a multi-million dollar company won't replace a disabled womens bed a whole $700.00. replacement, wow talk about customer dissatifaction guaranteed!

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